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Custom Axles Introduction

Sunrise Trailer Parts delivers and manufactures new, and also replaces axle beams to the highest standards of quality. Our large range of axles include straight beam axles, stubaxles, boataxles, brakedaxles, galvanisedaxles, horse floataxles, dropaxles, overlayaxles and more. Varied axles are required to pertain to different environments such as the drop and overlay axles for example, which are made to adjust the height by raising or dropping deck. For the purpose of finding a suitable axle, Sunrise Trailer Parts’ specialise in and understand that axles are used in a range of settings such as agricultural, automotive, mining, industrial and therefore can manufacture customised axles to the loading capacity as per needed. In fact, your loading capacity is actually based on the weight of the trailer as well as the load included, this is called the GTM (Gross Towing Mass).

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