Complete Galvanised Rim & Tyre, Perfect for Boat/Marine Trailers

  • Tyre Size: 15″
  • Stud Pattern: L/C 6 STUD
  • Tyre: 225R15LT
  • Finish: Galvanised
  • Rust and Corrosion Resistant
  • Chipping Resistant


We stock one of Australia’s most loved Sunraysia wheel, rim & tyre brands in galvanised finishes, perfect for boat or marine trailers. For further details on wheel and rim specifications, please see short description when selecting your suitable wheel.

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not see your desired wheel combination available, please contact us for more information.

Here at Sunrise, you will find trailer expert consultants ready to offer any advice and product knowledge in choosing correct parts. For more information or further assistance, feel free to give us a call at one of our locations near you and we will be happy to hear from you.