Straight beam axles are the most classic and common type of axles. Typically used on domestic trailers, utility trailers, boat trailers and more. Straight beam axles are manufactured using a single solid piece of steel making the beam strong and durable.


  • 45mm Square Axle rated up to 1400kg
  • Axles are measured from tip to tip. Generally in inches.
  • For Hub Face to Hub Face measurement subtract 100mm from overall length
  • Supplied with Axle Nut & Washer
  • 1400kg Maximum Operating Weight
  • Galvanised Finish
  • OEM Product
  • Suits Slim Line (S/Line) Bearings (Inner – L68149, Outer – LM12749)


Need a Custom Size? We Can Do That Too! We understand that each of our customers have different needs. We manufacture tailored sizes and loading capacity custom made axles. Axles can also be ordered with Brakes or Lazy Hubs Fitted. Please contact us for for information.

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