Skip manually winding and instead easily raise or lower your trailer with this simple 2-toggle switch-controlled electric jack. One switch controls the raising and lowering whilst the other is an on/off switch for a bright LED light which is aimed at the bottom, facing the coupling and also towards the vehicle, making it handy for illuminating tasks done in the dark. Fitted onto the a-frame, a simple bolt-on application through the three hole mount and a battery connection is all that is required for installation. This jack has a retracted height of only 255mm for compact storage and an extended height of up to 710mm in which both directions are automatically stopped at maximum direction. It also features an emergency manual override in the event there is no power supplied.

  • Capacity: 3,500lbs (1,587kg)
  • Extended Height: 710mm
  • Retracted Height: 225mm
  • Easily Raise or Lower your Trailer
  • Toggle Switch for Simple Up & Down Operation
  • LED Light for Front and Underneath
  • Manual Override Handle Included
  • 12V Voltage

Additional information

Footplate Diameter


Outer Tube Diameter


Drop Leg Hole Spacing


Total Lift Screw Travel


Total Lift Drop Travel