Hydraulic Tipper Kits allow you to convert your tray top Ute into an under body tipper Ute. Our hydraulic tipper kits include Hydraulic Tipping Hoist, DC Power Packs, Hose & Electrical Kit – all sourced from renowned manufacturers.

All stages and outer tubes are manufactured exclusively from seamless steel-tube with a high yield point (RS 48 kg/mm²) and high tensile strength (R 65 kg/mm²). Our stages are roll-hardened for exceptional smoothness. This feature, along with the use of special bushes, ensures a clearance of no more than 0.07mm between stages is achieved – a vital aspect in resisting side-loads and bending factors. The internal and external “rolling” burnishing process for all stages and outer tubes, increases seal performance and life, resulting in more reliable and long-lasting products.

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Weight N/A
Stroke (mm)

825, 1000, 1030, 1245