Anti-Theft Lock Strap 

Lock just about anything with this convenient, easy and simple to use lock strap. 

  • Strap Length: 760mm (76cm)
  • Industrial Strength Construction
  • Hardened Steel Combo Lock Carabiner
  • 3mm Braided Stainless Steel Cable Inside
  • High Visibility Webbing for Theft Deterring

See Gallery Below for Uses

Protect your valuables, ladders, bicycles, motorbikes, toolbox and more.

No need to carry your heavy motorcycle helmet or equipment around when you can thread the lock through your helmet and jacket onto your motorbike, protecting it all it one strap.

No more stress or worry about your tools being stolen – simply attach the lock strap through your toolbox and secure to vehicle. Secure your ladder using your lock strap & retractable ratchet.