When it comes to taking your trailer off-road and onto the terrains of the rough Australian outback, this poly block is designed to keep your trailer safely attached to your vehicle on those narrow gravel roads and creeks. With the safety mechanism and car adapter included, this off-road poly block coupling will keep you and your trailer safe on all terrains. The feature of the override coupling is the sliding shaft and spring inside attached to the poly block housing. This spring allows for when the driver applies brake pressure, it pulls on the brake cable and thus braking system suited for hydraulic and mechanical set ups.

  • Safety Mechanism
  • 2000kg Rated
  • Suits 5/8″ Pin
  • Fitted with Override Body
  • Complies with ADR4177.3
  • Painted Finish
  • Includes Car Adapter


Additional information


2000kg (2T)

Pin Suit

5/8" Pin