Convert your single acting truck or trailer body door into a multifunctional two-way tail gate. This small side swing tail gate kit comes with a 27mm side swing bar and 30mm catch and pin. Operate as a normal tipping tail gate or swing sideways to fully open the body door.
Suitable for small sized tip trailers , rear dump wagons, cars and trucks. Applications include any tipper functions – this side swing tail gate kit makes tipping quick and hassle free.

Kit Includes:

  • 1 x 30mm Catch and Pin
  • 1 x Side Swing Bar 27mm
  • 2 x Side Swing Top Bush 100mm x 40mm O/D
  • 4 x Side Swing Collar 12.5mm
  • 1 x Side Swing Bottom Pin 27mm
  • 2 x Side Swing Bottom Bush 50mm x 40mm O/D
  • 2 x Grease Nipples
  • 1 x Bottom Clip

Side Swing Tailgate Kit 35mm – 40mm Catch and Pin (Large)

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