Wheel Clamp Nemesis Kit

  • Suits: 10″ – 20″ Wheels & Tyres
  • Suitable for use on Steel and Alloy Wheels (On & Off Road)
  • Material: Hardened Steel
  • Drilling, Picking and Gas Freezing Resistant
  • Three Spare Keys Included
  • Weight: 14kg

See Installation Video for More Information

Built with composite metals, resistant to cutting, drilling and gas freezing. Incorporating a seven-pin anti-pick and anti-drill locking bolt with a tubular anti-copy key. Strong, secure and tough, it remains quick and easy to fit.

Can the Nemesis be fitted on the right side of the tyre?
The clamp can be fitted ‘upside down’ so to speak with the support section of the jaw upward instead of down supporting the clamp on the ground. As long as you can achieve a secure, firm fit, the clamp will still be effective.

Installing Nemesis Wheel Clamp